Yoga classes for senior citizens

Clase de Yoga en el sillón (15 minutos)

$45 Nuevo Estudiante 2 Semanas Ilimitadas¡Hola nuevos estudiantes! Esta oferta introductoria incluye 2 semanas de clases ilimitadas en el estudio y livestream de pilates mat y yoga. ¡Prueba todas las clases que quieras durante 2 semanas!

Viernes 10 de marzo, 7pm$35 Precio anticipado hasta el 1 de marzoJoin Yoga Teacher and Kirtan Artist Justin Ifill as we embark on a vocal journey through the sacred sounds of ancient India. Plantaremos intenciones, manifestaremos alegría y nos conectaremos unos con otros en un nivel vibracional. Con cantos grupales de llamada y respuesta y narración de historias, esta práctica meditativa crea un puente entre el individuo y lo eterno. ¿Por qué cantamos? Porque la música es particularmente potente como vehículo de transmisión de las emociones, y es especialmente eficaz para evocar sentimientos de amor por uno mismo y por lo divino. El verdadero poder del kirtan no tiene nada que ver con la habilidad del cantante. Se trata de las vibraciones que se crean y, en esencia, la práctica consiste en reunir a personas de todos los orígenes y facilitar una experiencia espiritual compartida en la que todos puedan clamar fervientemente por el amor divino. No es necesario ser cantante ni estar familiarizado con el canto para participar. Ven como eres y disfruta respirando, cantando y cantando con tu comunidad. Canta con el corazón bien abierto.

Yoga for Older Adults at Centro Diurno de la

In the 300-hour Rainbow Yoga Specialty Teacher Training course we move as one, supporting each other, being supported and co-creating an experience that expands the heart, uplifts the spirit and extends beyond the yoga mat.

Yoga means unity or connection, and at Rainbow Yoga we take this concept further than ever; we learn to connect not only with ourselves, but also with everyone and everything around us. Bringing people together is the essence of Rainbow Yoga and what you will learn to convey to your community and the world at large in this training.

The program runs for 28 days. All students are required to remain on-site for the duration of the teacher training. Teacher training is held six days a week with one day off to rest and relax at the beautiful retreat site, or you may choose to enjoy and explore the beautiful surroundings.

Transportation, return airfare, airport transfers, optional excursions, activities and outdoor meals are not included in the tuition cost. They must be arranged and purchased on your own. Bring cash for optional day trips and massages that are arranged during training for an additional charge.

20 minute yoga training at home!

Long, meditative Hatha Yoga classes, inspiring talks, a welcoming and supportive community, moments to relax in nature… Our Hridaya Yoga Retreat Module 1 offers you all that and more.

Over the course of three weeks, Module 1 is ingeniously developed as a combination of practice, theory and philosophy that provides a holistic experience of authentic Yoga. It consists of an invitation to meet yourself on a new level, explore the depths within and contemplate life’s most fundamental questions. You will emerge from a process of rejuvenation and transformation feeling balanced, joyful, open-hearted, allowing grace to flow more easily into your life.

Module 1 is the first stage of the Hridaya Yoga Retreats, a comprehensive system that takes you from the fundamentals of Yoga to advanced esoteric practices. The variety of techniques and perspectives presented will inspire you to find your own path to Truth.

Basic exercises for children, youth, adults and adults.

In Yoga Certification learn everything you need to get certified and teach classes. It is a 200-hour online training and invitations to in-person retreats. With a refined and deep methodology to integrate Yoga in all aspects of your life and share it by developing your own voice.

This is the first practice in the monthly membership, it lasts 20 minutes and is part of the series of 20 practices of 20 minutes available in the first month and are perfect for beginners or intermediate practitioners who want to strengthen and refine their practice.

This Clause contains the content characteristics and compliance requirements for the 200-hour Academic Certification Program by Marcos Jassan Yoga (hereinafter the «Program») necessary for the User to be awarded the Training Certificate of said Program (hereinafter the «Certificate»).

Notwithstanding the fact that the User has complied with the requirements indicated in numbers 1 through 3 above, the User acknowledges and agrees that Marcos Jassan Yoga reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to grant or not grant the Certificate based on its evaluation to determine if the User is sufficiently prepared and ready to receive the Certificate.

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