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Yoga online – Yoga awakening session

In Yoga Certification learn everything you need to get certified and teach classes. It is a 200-hour online training and invitations to in-person retreats. With a refined and profound methodology to integrate Yoga in all aspects of your life and share it developing your own voice.

This is the first practice in the monthly membership, it lasts 20 minutes and is part of the series of 20 practices of 20 minutes available in the first month and are perfect for beginners or intermediate practitioners who want to strengthen and refine their practice.

This Clause contains the content characteristics and compliance requirements for the 200-hour Academic Certification Program by Marcos Jassan Yoga (hereinafter the «Program») necessary for the User to be awarded the Training Certificate of said Program (hereinafter the «Certificate»).

Notwithstanding the fact that the User has complied with the requirements indicated in numbers 1 through 3 above, the User acknowledges and agrees that Marcos Jassan Yoga reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to grant or not grant the Certificate based on its evaluation to determine if the User is sufficiently prepared and ready to receive the Certificate.

What type of yoga is ideal for beginners?

I advise you to start with Hatha Yoga as it is a type of yoga suitable for all ages. It is a basic practice, slow and easy to adapt to beginners, since the postures are held long enough to get to know their details and adjust our body to a correct alignment.

What does the word kundalini mean?

Kundalini is the Sanskrit word that translates as «coiled» or «serpentine». This serpent represents the divine feminine energy that resides in all living beings, which brings about a state of bliss and harmony once awakened.

FREE Yoga Classes for Beginners

Some people believe that Kundalini awakening is an extraordinarily powerful spiritual experience that can bring about significant shifts in consciousness and connects one to their true nature. There is not much scientific evidence for it, but it is popular with many yogis around the world. They believe it can help link the mind and body through an inner transformation.

Kundalini energy lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is activated. When kundalini is awakened, it brings about various changes in a person’s life. These changes can be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The awakening of Kundalini is a process of self-transformation that can lead to greater self-awareness and higher levels of consciousness.

The kundalini energy is a coiled serpent that resides at the base of the spine. Kundalini is the Sanskrit word that translates as «coiled» or «serpentine». This serpent represents the divine feminine energy that resides in all living beings, and brings about a state of bliss and harmony once awakened.

Yoga online – Focus and energy

«The lotus online classes have been a success for me and I am very satisfied, it is easy to follow all the exercises, and I can also combine the schedules at my own pace, which is a great advantage for me!

«I started practicing yoga online at the beginning of the confinement and it has been going very well. I started with the live classes to gradually discover the good of practicing at the time I want through the recorded classes.

I also like the upgrade that is being done now that the confinement is over: new classes to practice at the time I want, having access to the excellent method and quality of Lotus Blau classes from home.

«I had always thought that online classes were not for me, cold and distant and I never found the time to practice. Thanks to Lotus and confinement I have been able to connect with this practice and now it has become a daily habit that I practice whenever I want and with pleasure.»

Kundalini Yoga – Ejercicios Para Principiantes Con Valeria

La mayoría de los principiantes desearán intentar hacia fuera algunos movimientos del yoga antes de ensamblar una clase del grupo para conseguir una comprensión mejor de cuál está implicada en yoga y para ser preparada para algunas de las posturas básicas del yoga. Mirar y practicar algunos videos libres del yoga es una gran manera de cerciorarse de le para alistar para las clases del estudio. Desafortunadamente, con el gran número y diversidad de estilos y opciones de videos de yoga disponibles, encontrar un buen video para principiantes puede sentirse abrumador y desalentador.

Aunque hay miles de vídeos de yoga gratuitos en Internet, muchos de ellos no están pensados explícitamente para principiantes. Y como la mayoría de los vídeos de YouTube, la calidad, la producción y la adecuación pueden variar mucho. Si está buscando las clases de yoga en línea de mayor calidad y más útiles para principiantes, hemos recopilado los 14 mejores vídeos que puede explorar en la comodidad de su propio hogar.

Si eres nuevo en el yoga, tómate las cosas con calma, ya que es más fácil lesionarse al practicar con un vídeo que con un instructor de yoga cualificado. Si bien es normal sentir algunos dolores y molestias mientras tus músculos se adaptan a la práctica, sentir cualquier dolor agudo significa que debes reducir la velocidad y salir de la postura. Es imperativo escuchar a tu cuerpo en todo momento durante la práctica y no practicar ningún movimiento que sientas doloroso o peligroso.

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