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Seeing teachers and students get into «advanced» postures often makes us believe that the class is only for very experienced practitioners, and this is not so, yoga is for everyone, the classes are designed for all levels, the posture you perform on day 1 or day 100 will be perfect, the point is that you enjoy the journey, avoid comparisons and concentrate on your practice. If this is your first yoga class, we recommend you to know the styles to identify which one you like the most. Find in Atma different styles of yoga classes such as: Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Dharma Yoga, among others.

Ashtanga is a more traditional style of yoga that incorporates fixed sequences where intentional breathing is linked with movement, a powerful technique to fine-tune the body as it improves concentration, flexibility and strength.Power Yoga is a powerful and energetic form of yoga that consists of moving fluidly from one posture to the next while connecting the breath. It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, and physical and mental endurance in a single session.Vinyasa FlowThe practice of Vinyasa becomes a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind. Expect a balanced and harmonious class between push-ups, twisting inversions and challenging poses.DharmaDharma Yoga is a modern interpretation of Raja Yoga that includes elements of Vinyasa, inversions and sustained postures that will challenge your concentration and strength.Progressive VinyasaIn this class you will experience challenge, discipline, joy and surrender. This class is intended to deepen into more advanced postures in a progressive and safe manner. The advanced practice is not based on impossible postures, but on self-knowledge and discipline. Hatha Flow

MBSR: A major change in my day-to-day life

A bad neighbor? To himself, but to me good. It trains my good feelings, my equanimity. A bad father? For himself, but for me good. This is the wand of Hermes. Touch what you will-and it will turn to gold». No, but: «Come what you want and I will turn it into good».

One of the purposes of the Association is to preserve and facilitate the transmission of Yoga as a way to reconnect us to the best of ourselves. Given the difficulties of the situation it seems most appropriate to facilitate access at this time, and that the weekly classes that are taught at the headquarters, are by voluntary contribution.

The classes are taught by teachers trained in the Association of Yoga and Philosophy, aware of a global and deep vision, in which the techniques of the different lineages are widely known and considered as exercises of self-inquiry within the framework of a contemplative philosophy.


Cristi Christensen, for example, is a former professional gymnast and had made the U.S. Olympic diving team. After an injury, Cristi discovered Pilates and yoga and that’s when her more holistic approach to the world of fitness began. Cristi is considered one of the yoginis who have laid the foundations of yoga in the western world from the direction of the Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in California.

CHANGES: Schedules and teachers are subject to slight variations for reasons beyond the control of the organization. Any change in the calendar, schedules or teachers will be communicated to the attendees in advance. In that case, the alternative offered will have the same level of quality guaranteed.


Complete all 15 modules from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. Receive all the benefits of attending live training without leaving home. The course is highly engaging and easy to follow, with plenty of interaction with other students. Be part of a global community of Rainbow Yoga teachers who study online and bring Rainbow Yoga to their communities around the world.

Movement is life and is proven to help relieve stress and depression. Study here how to keep the body and mind flowing toward health and happiness. Yoga can and should be fun! And playing, dancing and interacting are a fantastic way to connect, engage and learn social skills while moving and enjoying our time together.

Mindfulness and awareness are the key to learning, but also to transforming oneself and the world around us. Journey to peace and harmony with your students by learning all about it with us here and now.

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